Bajari Bhakri (बाजरी भाकरी)

Bajri Bhakri

Bajarichi Bhakari is made specially during winter time and the festival of “Bhogi”.


  • 2 cup Bajari flour (for 5-6 bhakaris)
  • Warm water
  • Salt to taste
  • Sesame seeds


  1. Add 2 cups Bajari flour and salt to about 2 cups of hot water
  2. Knead the flour well to make a thick dough
  3. Make about 5-6 balls from the dough
  4. Heat a flat pan or Tava on medium flame
  5. Sprinkle some bajari flour on a rolling board or any flat surface to avoid sticking
  6. Take sesame seeds on a plate and lightly dip the dough ball so that few sesame seeds stick to the ball
  7. Make sure that the side of the ball with sesame seeds is on top and then roll the ball to make round bhakari using a rolling pin or by hand
  8. Flip the bhakari on the hot Tava with the sesame seed side down
  9. Turn the flame to low, apply some water on the top dry surface of the bhakari with hand and then flip the bhakari over to the other side so that the sesame side is up.
  10. Turn the flame to high and let it cook completely on this side
  11. Using a tong roast the bhakari on the sesame side directly on high flame and the bhakari will puff up

Serve and enjoy hot bhakari with white butter and zhunka, lasun chutney and onion that makes it a authentic Bhogi recipe

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