Fresh Paneer

Fresh Paneer is used in various Indian cuisines such as appetizers, subji as well as sweet dishes. I used to buy Paneer from outside but realized it is not as soft as you get in gourmet kitchens, so was very excited the first time I could fresh paneer.


  • 1 lit Vitamin D milk
  • 2 tbsp Distilled white vinegar


  1. Boil 1 litre Milk on medium heat, then put 2 tbspoon of distilled vinegar to curdle the milk.

  2. Take a big pan and place a Muslin/fine cotton cloth (“Pancha”) on the top. Pour the mix on the muslin cloth so that the water drains down in the plan and the curdled milk mix stays on the cloth. Then pour cold water on the mix and press it only once to squeeze the water out

  3. Wrap the paneer in the muslin cloth and place it on a flat surface. Now keep a heavy weight on top of the paneer for about 30 minutes to squeeze the water out.

    I fill a pot with water and use it as the weight for keeping on top of the Paneer, as shown in the image.

  4. Fresh paneer is now ready. Cut in cubes and use in your preparations or roll in balls to use for Angoori Basundi

Use the fresh paneer for making delicious recipes. Cut in cubes for Kadhai paneer or Paneer makhani, roll in balls for Angoori Basundi or simply use in making Paneer Bhurji

I will keep adding to this list of items that you can make using fresh paneer … keep checking

11 Comments on Fresh Paneer

  1. Tripti,I really loved ur site. It’s so simple. Plz give more & more dishes that can be cooked easily & quickly for our day to day life.
    Every day’s cooking food is a headache for me. So plz suggest how to utilize our time wisely.
    I will be waiting—-remember 😀
    Good luck for creative food blog which will help many of us 😜

  2. Tripti, You have a great site with traditional recipes that are easy and doable.You have demonstrated the recipes well which makes it easy to follow.
    I have almost forgotten the taste of home made paneer. Look forward to trying it. Can I use 2% milk? When do I add the vinegar-when It comes to a rolling boil or just as it begins to boil?
    Good luck with the blog.

    • Hi Sukanya,

      Thank you for visiting my site.
      Yes you can use 2% milk to make Paneer,It comes out very soft and firm.
      Add the vinegar when it comes to rolling boil. Also add the vinegar little by little.
      All the best and please don’t forget to write me back.


  3. Ravindra Bhojane // September 22, 2015 at 7:00 am // Reply

    Please post some “Male Fav.” recipes…..easy to make ….just to become us independent!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Trupti,
    Nice recipes! Would definitely try few of these! Kepp adding more!

  5. Swati bapat // March 30, 2016 at 7:39 am // Reply

    Nice site and receipes , can we use lime juice instead of vinegar??

  6. Super!

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