Ukadiche Modak (उकडीचे मोदक)

Ukadiche Modak (उकडीचे मोदक) is my most favorite Maharashtrian sweet dish made especially during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. Its is a delicately made dumpling of rice flour (“Ukad”) filled with grated coconut and Jaggery mix (“Puran/Saran”) .


Ukad (For the Dough)-

  • 2 cup rice flour
  • 1 tbsp ghee or oil
  • 2 cup water
  • Pinch of salt

Puran (For the filling)-

  • 2 cup grated coconut
  • 1 cup jaggery
  • 1 teaspoon cardamom powder (elaichi)


  1. Make Puran: In a thick bottom pan, mix 2 cup grated coconut and 1 cup jaggery. Heat this mixture on a medium flame and stir it occasionally until the mixture becomes thick, but not sticky, and not too dry. Add 1 tsp cardamom powder, now the Puran is ready.

  2. Make Ukad : In a thick bottom pan, take 2 cups of water, add 1 tbsp ghee and bring it to boil.

  3. Add pinch of salt and 2 cups of rice flour to the boiling water, reduce the flame to low and stir the mixture well and cover it. Immediately turn the heat off and keep it for 2 minutes to let the steam cook the flour.

  4. Take the dough in a large flat bowl and knead it well while it is hot. Put a bit of oil on your hands to make it easy to knead. If you find kneading the hot dough by hand difficult then you can use a food processor.

    Keep this dough covered as once it becomes cold, you wont get the right consistency of dough to make the modak

  5. Make Modak : Roll the dough in 2 inch round ball, flatten it on the palm of your hand like a small Poori and then with both hands start pressing from the center working your way out to give the dough a shape of a “small bowl” about 3-4 inches.

  6. With the bowl in one hand, fill 1 tbsp of Puran (coconut-jaggery mixture). Now with your other hand pinch the edges at 8 to 10 places, try keeping same distance between each pinch. Pull all the edges together at the same time slowly to close the shape as shown in the figure below to make the “Modak”

  7. “Modak” is now ready to be cooked.

  8. Place the “Modak” on a plate and cover with a wet muslin cloth (or a wet paper towel) to avoid drying.

  9. Steam Modak (उकडणे) : Take a steel container, preferably a strainer, place a muslin cloth and then keep 7-8 modaks on the cloth ensuring that the modaks do not touch each other. Put enough water in a pressure cooker or a steamer, place the container with Modaks in the cooker and steam for 15 minutes. Modaks are ready !!

Serve Hot with home made Ghee or Fresh coconut milk !!!

Few tips for making good Modaks
1. Sometimes the Rice flour that we get from the store is not very fine. In this case, add 1 tbsp plain flour (मैदा) while making “Ukad”
2. While making Puran, add 1 tsp rice flour in the mixture of coconut-jaggery to avoid it from becoming watery
3. You could also use a butter paper instead of muslin cloth, that also avoids sticking of the modaks

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  1. wonderful.
    I will try,and let you know.

  2. Thanks shanti Ji, let me know how your Modaks came out

  3. Hey – Your tips were really helpful! The consistency was perfect ! the modaks came out good!! Thanks!!!!!

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