Single Mode 3 Meter Fiber Patch Cord Connector FC-Sc

 ParameterUnitFC, SC, LCST, MUMT-RJ, MPOE2000SMMMSMMMSMMMSMPCUPCAPCPCPCUPCPCPCUPCPCPCInsertion loss(typical)dB≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3Return lossdB≥45≥50≥60≥30≥45≥50≥30≥45≥50≥35≥55Operatingwavelengthnm1310, 15101310, 15101310, 15101310, 15

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Single Mode 3meter Fiber Patch Cord Connector FC-Sc

ParameterUnitFC, SC, LCST, MUMT-RJ, MPOE2000
Insertion loss
Return lossdB≥45≥50≥60≥30≥45≥50≥30≥45≥50≥35≥55
nm1310, 15101310, 15101310, 15101310, 1510
Cable diametermmφ3.0, φ2.0, φ0.9φ3.0, φ2.0, φ0.9φ3.0, φ2.0, φ0.9φ3.0, φ2.0, φ0.9

How to Choose The Right Fiber Optic Cable Type?
PS:The difference of OM4 and OM3 fiber mode as the following
1. OM4 was developed specifically for VSCEL laser transmission and allows 10 Gig/ second link distances of up to 550 Meters (compared to 300M with OM3).
2. The effective modal bandwidth for OM4 is more than double that of OM3.
3. For OM4 patch cable it is 4700 while for OM3 it is 2000
DesignationFiber Dia.(μm)TypeFast Ethernet 100BASE-FX1 Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-SX1 Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-LX10Gbps Ethernet 10GBASE40Gbps Ethernet 40GBASE SR4100Gbps Ethernet 100GBASE SR4
OM162.5/125Multimode2000M275M550M33MNot supportedNot supported
OM250/125Multimode2000M550M550M82MNot supportedNot supported
OM3(Laser Optimized)50/125Multimode2000M550M550M300M100M(SR4)100M(SR4)
OM4(Laser Optimized)50/125Multimode2000M550M550M400M150M(SR4)150M(SR4)
Singlemode9/125Singlemode2000M5km at 1310nm5km at 1310nm10km at 1310nmN/AN/A

Single Mode 3meter Fiber Patch Cord Connector FC-Sc

Single Mode 3meter Fiber Patch Cord Connector FC-Sc
Single Mode 3meter Fiber Patch Cord Connector FC-Sc
Single Mode 3meter Fiber Patch Cord Connector FC-Sc
Single Mode 3meter Fiber Patch Cord Connector FC-Sc
Single Mode 3meter Fiber Patch Cord Connector FC-Sc
Single Mode 3meter Fiber Patch Cord Connector FC-Sc
Single Mode 3meter Fiber Patch Cord Connector FC-Sc


Guangdong Juxianlan Communication Co., Ltd. Was established in 2014 and specializing in manufacturing fiber optic products and providing fiber optic solutions and engineering services in Guangdong, China.

As a professional cable manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers around the world with comprehensive products, the latest technology, and professional services to help customers to build a high-quality network platform. Combining with the actual needs of customers, we are providing individualized and comprehensive solutions to meet customers′ demands.

We offer the whole range of equipment for fiber optic, Telecom (FTTH, 4G/5G Mobile Stations, etc. ), Ethernet, and CATV network. Each unit of our products will go through 3 QC procedures: Material checking before production, stability and performance testing after production and packing checking before delivery.

Currently, most of our products have been exported to Europe, Russia, and South America. Welcome numerous agents, integrated dealers, and equipment producersall over the world to cooperate with us, to the greatest extent possible to meet your needs.
Single Mode 3meter Fiber Patch Cord Connector FC-Sc
Are you a factory or trade company? 
JXL fiber is a the real factory meanwhile we are listed company 

What is your main product? 
Outdoor fiber optic cables; indoor fiber optic cables;FTTH Drop cables; ADSS;

Indoor armored patch cords fiber cable; Optical patch cords SC/LC/FC/ST; MTP/MPO optical patch cord.
Product quality guarantee period?
25 years' Guarantee for fiber optic cable

Do you have certificate for raw material?
We build long-term relationship cooperation with qualified ISO9001, ROHS  raw material suppliers.

What is your delivery time?
Within 24 hours for 50KM normal kinds of fiber optic cable;
1 ~2 working days for fiber optic patch cords with 10000 connectors.

MOQ: what is your minimum quantity?
MOQ for fiber optic cables: 1KM
There is no MOQ required for fiber optic patch cords,as there's stock for normal kinds.

For large orders: T/T, L/C
For small orders: T/T,Western Union and Paypal are acceptable.

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Normal orders: shipped by sea
Sample orders: by sea , by air

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