Duplex LC Connector 10Gbps 220m Multimode Datacom SFP+ Transceiver

1310nm Duplex LC Connector 10gbps 220m Multi Mode Datacom SFP+ Transceiver Features:1.Supports 9.95 to 10.3Gbps bit rates;2.Transmission distance up to 220m (OM1 fiber)3.Hot Pluggable SFP+ footprintnm FP transmitter, PIN photo-detector4.Digital Status monitoring Interface5.Duplex LC connector6.RoHS compliant and Lead F

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1310nm Duplex LC Connector 10gbps 220m Multi Mode Datacom SFP+ Transceiver

1.Supports 9.95 to 10.3Gbps bit rates;
2.Transmission distance up to 220m (OM1 fiber)
3.Hot Pluggable SFP+ footprintnm FP transmitter, PIN photo-detector
4.Digital Status monitoring Interface
5.Duplex LC connector
6.RoHS compliant and Lead Free Metal enclosure for lower EMI Single 3.3V power supply
7.Power dissipation < 1W
8.Operating case temperature: 0 to 70º
9.Compliant with FC-PI-4 800-Mx-SN-I, SFF-8431 , SFF-8432 and SFF-8472 


2.10G Ethernet
3. Legacy FDDI multimode links
Product description:

Takfly' SFP+ LRM is an optical transceiver module for transmission at 1310nm over legacy multi
mode fiber. Supporting 10GBASE-LRM Ethernet standard make it ideally suited for 10G datacom. Its very
low power consumption and its excellent EMI performance allow system design with high port density. The
small form factor integrates a 1310nm Fabry-Perot (FP) laser in an LC package and a linear multimode PIN receiver. Takfly  module is lead free, RoHS compliant and is designed and tested in accordance with industry safety standards.
The Takfly DF-31192-LRMC SFP+ transceiver is a linear-interface transceiver that enables, in conjunction with an Electronic Dispersion Compensation (EDC) on the host board, an IEEE802.3aq 10GBASE-LRM compliant link. The host board EDC provides correction for the severe modal dispersion that may occur during propagation through multimode fiber links, including legacy installed FDDI multimode fiber (see IEEE802.3aq for detailed information regarding fiber coverage).
Unlike the XFP MSA transceiver requirements, the SFP+ transceiver does not contain internal retiming circuitry, and thus some of the Transmitter Optical Characteristics stated in this data sheet require that the Host Board is compliant to the SFP+ MSA specifications. See Chapter 3 in Reference [1] for further details.
Pin definition:

The SFP+ modules are hot-pluggable. Hot pluggable refers to plugging in or unplugging a module while the host board is powered.  The SFP+ host connector is a 0.8 mm pitch 20 position right angle improved connector specified by SFF-8083, or stacked connector with equivalent with equivalent electrical performance. 

Absolute maximum rating:

These values represent the damage threshold of the module. Stress in excess of any of the individual Absolute Maximum Ratings can cause immediate catastrophic damage to the module even if all other parameters are within Recommended Operating Conditions.
Power Supply VoltageVCC0+3.6V
Storage TemperatureTc-40+85°C
Operating Case TemperatureTc0+70°C
Relative HumidityRH595%

Recommended operating environment 
Recommended Operating Environment specifies parameters for which the electrical and optical characteristics hold unless otherwise noted.
Power Supply VoltageVCC3.1353.3003.465V
Operating Case TemperatureTC02570°C
LOW Speed Characteristics

Power Consumption  1.21.2W
TX_Fault,RX_LOSVOL0 0.4V
VOHHost_Vcc-0.5 Host_Vcc+0.3V
TX_DISVIL-0.3 0.8V
VIH2.0 VCCT+0.3V
RS0,RS1VIL-0.3 0.8V
VIH2.0 VCCT+0.3V
Electrical characteristics
Nominal Data Rate VID 10.3125 Gbps
Supply Voltage Vcc3.14 3.46V
Supply Current Icc 200300mA
Power Dissipation P  1W
Input differential impedance2Rin 100 Ω
Single ended data input swing3Vin,pp90 350mV
Transmit Disable Voltage4VD2 VccV
Transmit Enable Voltage VENVee Vee+
Termination Mismatch at 1 MHz ΔZM  5%
Single Ended Output Voltage Tolerance  -0.3 4.0V
Output AC Common Mode Voltage    7.5mV
Output Rise and Fall time (20% to 80%)5Tr, Tf30  Ps
Relative Noise LRM Links with crosstalk6dRNx  TBD equationdB/Hz
Difference Waveform Distortion Penalty7dWDPper SFF-8431dB
Differential Voltage Modulation Amplitude VMA180 600mV
LOS Fault8VLOS fault2 VccHOSTV
LOS Normal8VLOS normVee Vee+
Power Supply Noise Tolerance9VccT/VccRper SFF-8431mVpp
1. Non-condensing.
2. Connected directly to TX data input pins. AC coupling from pins into laser driver IC.
3. Per SFF-8431 Rev 3.0
4. Into 100 ohms differential termination.
5. Measured with Module Compliance Test Board and OMA test pattern.
6. Crosstalk source rise/fall time (20%-80%) is 35 ps.
7. Defined with reference receiver with 14 T/2 spaced FFE taps and 5 T spaced DFE taps.
8. LOS is an open collector output. Should be pulled up with 4.7k - 10kΩ on the host board. Normal operation is logic 0; loss of signal is logic 1. Maximum pull-up voltage is 5.5V.
9. As described in Section 2.8.1, SFF-8431 Rev 3.0.  

General Specifications:
Bit RateBR 10.3125 Gb/sec1
Bit Error RatioBER  10-12 2
Maximum Supported Distances
Fiber Type1310nm OFL Bandwidth      
62.5μm"FDDI" 160MHz/kmLmax  220m3
50μm400MHz/kmLmax  100m3
OM2 500MHz/km  220
OM3 2000MHz/km  220
2. Tested with a 231 - 1 PRBS
3. Operating range as defined by IEEE standards. Longer reach possible depending upon link implementation.
Optical characteristics 
Center Wavelengthλt1260 1355nm 
RMS spectral widthλrms @1260nm--2.4nm2
λrms @ 1260nm-13002.4
λrms @
Average Optical PowerPavg-6.5-0.5dBm1
Extinction RatioER3.5--dB 
Optical Modulation Amplitude (OMA)POMA-4.5 +1.5dBm 
Peak Launch PowerPMAX  3dBm 
Transmitter Waveform Dispersion PenaltyTWDP  4.7dB3
Average Launch power of OFF transmitterPOFF  -30dBm 
Uncorrelated Jitter [rms]Txj  0.033UI 
Encircled Flux<5μm30  % 
Transmitter Reflectance   -12dB 
Optical Return Loss Tolerance 20  dB 
Relative Intensity Noise
Rin  -128dB/Hz 
Comprehensive Stressed Receiver Sensitivity (OMA) @ 10.3125Gb/sPrecursor---6.5dBm5
Symmetrical  -6dBm
Postcursor  -6.5dBm
LOS  AssertLosA-30- dBm 
LOS De-assertLosD  -11dBm 
OverloadPMAX-+1.5- dBm4
Receiver Reflectance ---12dB 
LOS Hysteresis 0.5  dB 
1. Average power figures are informative only, per IEEE802.3aq
2. Maximum RMS spectral width as specified by Figure 3
3. Optical Eye Mask requires the host board to be SFF-8431 compliant. Optical eye mask per IEEE802.3aq.
4. TWDP figure requires the host board to be SFF-8431compliant. TWDP is calculated using the Matlab code provided in clause of IEEE802.3aq
5. Receiver overload specified in OMA and under the worst comprehensive stressed condition.
6. Conditions of stressed receiver tests per IEEE802.3aq. CSRS testing requires the host board to be SFF-8431 compliant.
Digital Diagnostic Functions

The following digital diagnostic characteristics are defined over the Recommended Operating Environment unless otherwise specified. It is compliant to SFF8472 Rev9.2 with internal calibration mode. For external calibration mode please contact our sales stuff.
Transceiver TemperatureDMI_Temp-3+3degCOver operating temp
TX Output optical powerDMI_TX-3+3dB 
RX Input optical powerDMI_RX-3+3dB-3dBm to -12dBm range
 Transceiver Supply voltageDMI_VCC-0.08+0.08VFull operating range
Bias current monitorDMI_Ibias-10%10%mA 
Dynamic Range Accuracy
Transceiver TemperatureDMI_Temp-570degC 
TX Output optical powerDMI_TX-9-1dBm 
RX Input optical powerDMI_RX-180dBm 
Transceiver Supply voltageDMI_VCC3.03.6V 
Bias current monitorDMI_Ibias016mA 
Control and status I/O timing characteristics
Timing characteristics of control and status I/O are included in Table 8, which is also defined in SFF-8431.

This transceiver is specified as ESD threshold 2kV for all electrical input pins, tested per MIL-STD-883, Method 3015.4 /JESD22-A114-A (HBM).  However, normal ESD precautions are still required during the handling of this module. This transceiver is shipped in ESD protective packaging. It should be removed from the packaging and handled only in an ESD protected environment.   

This is a Class 1 Laser Product according to IEC 60825-1:1993:+A1:1997+A2:2001.  This product complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated (July 26, 2001)

Ordering information:
Part NumberProduct Description
DF-31192-LRMC1310nm, 10.3125Gpbs, Multi Mode  220m,   0ºC ~ +70ºC
Company Information:

Takfly, established in 2000, has been manufacturing and exporting in fiber optic communications for more than 15 years. Mainly supplying fiber cable, adapter, attenuator, connector, coupler, splitter, termination box, ODF, fiber instruments, media conceiver, switch, optical module, CWDM/DWDM, etc. Takfly's products have passed the management verification: ISO14001: 2004. Our goods have passed RoHS, CE, ISO9001, FCC, etc. verifications.

With the development of optical communications, Takfly's turnover has been increasing steadily. To strengthen the brand recognition and communication with more clients, Takfly participates in several industrial exhibitions every year in the whole word.

The products we sell is manufactured by our own factories. Our main aim is to supply high quality goods to our customers. Therefore, Takfly has imported foreign advanced production equipment 5 years ago, mainly made in German, Japan. The skilled technicians and professional sales team are available. Standard production management system has been built. Any requirements and inquiries will be processed with 24 hours. Strict test is a must before delivery. Apart from these, we have steady transport service. So, we can provide you the optimal transportation.

No complaints  is one of our aims. We believe that our products can help you win good reputation and market share.
Hereby, we sincerely hope to establish a long-term business relationship with you in the future.
Welcome to visit Takfly Communications Co., Ltd. We are waiting for your coming!

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Duplex LC Connector 10gbps 220m Multi Mode Datacom SFP+ Transceiver
Duplex LC Connector 10gbps 220m Multi Mode Datacom SFP+ Transceiver
Duplex LC Connector 10gbps 220m Multi Mode Datacom SFP+ Transceiver

Duplex LC Connector 10gbps 220m Multi Mode Datacom SFP+ Transceiver
Duplex LC Connector 10gbps 220m Multi Mode Datacom SFP+ Transceiver
Duplex LC Connector 10gbps 220m Multi Mode Datacom SFP+ Transceiver
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1.Customer's logo: Acceptable
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All products must go through five checks before manufacturing process
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4.Full check before packing
5.Spots check after production packed before shipping

1.15 years experience in manufacturing fiber optic products..
2.Availability of R & D with more than 10 engineers.
3.Available of design and making mold with special molding house.
4.High quality, attractive price and fast delivery(2-7days)
5.OEM, ODM customer designs are also welcomed
6.More than 200 workers
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